I want one….

By Sarah Bates

Look at this… to all you designer people out there – 01-_rubitone_webI can do a Rubiks Cube but I wouldn’t even touch this – I’d just look at it in awe!

For those people that have no idea why I am getting so excited about it… our lives are run by Pantone colours, this is a designer’s guide to life really and to have Pantone mugs are great, to have t-towels would be better but to have a Pantone Rubiks Cube would be heaven!

The sad thing is – is that we cannot buy them and if we want one – we would have to make our own!

The chap who produced this is, is called Ignacio Pilotto and is a product designer. He has a beautiful web site showcasing his really funky designs. He has even designed some “Mix Stix” wooden kitchen utensils that you can hit pans with to make music, as you would have done as a child on the kitchen floor driving mum mad! Brilliant!