By Sarah Bates

Well I have just designed a corporate identity for a great company, with great people and who are great clients. Their old logo just wasn’t up to the ‘T-Shirt test’ and I’m delighted to say this one is!!! whoop whoop!

These guys make you think about your life and all the stresses and hassles we all have, how you handle things and HOW you use your language – I believe they do what they say… Take ownership, don’t use the word “can’t, won’t, and I’ll try”  just be honest and say it how it is, don’t feel obliged  – which is massive challenge but it’s got to be worth it hasn’t it and I’m going to to this – “doing life better”!

We finlaised the logo and colour yesterday and so I asked, thinking it would take a while, if I could have a testimonial, and well – I was overjoyed when this one came flying in and thought I should share it with you all and thank you John…

“Working with Sarah has been simply brilliant. She was so dedicated to getting the right design for us and so prepared to go the extra mile. It’s been more like working with a long lost friend than anything else, and that’s because Sarah really took the time to understand us, to know what makes our business tick, to get to the heart of our company. She also put us firmly in charge, we felt like we were making the decisions, we were part of the design process, and that was really important to us. Oh, and the main thing, she’s a great designer, great at what she does and great at giving her clients what they really want. I’m delighted with what Sarah has done for us, she’s oozed quality in every sense” John Borland