lisa stonehouse corporate identity

By Sarah Bates

Lisa Stonehouse wanted to promote her wedding and portrait photography and was after a particular style. I gave her a hard time with lots of delicious logo designs to choose from but eventually Lisa decided on one and then I applied this to a range of stationery and literature.

Some of the photographs especially the portrait photography is fantastic and you should visit her website once it’s up and running.

Lisa gave me an open brief in one sense and lots and lots of things to look at – so much so I went on a little journey myself exploring photographers, analysing their styles and being blown away by the stunning imagery I looked at. Some of the photographers were Greg Williams and Brigitte Lacombe, specific photographers like Javier Vallhonrat, Tom Craig – location photographers – all were brilliant and I was filled with awe.

Here are a few of the lovely comments Lisa made while on this journey, that summarises everything perfectly..

After first presentation: You’re a devil, how on earth am I going to choose!’ Andy is blown away too. The logos are stunning and as Andy says it doesn’t matter which one I choose because they are all so beautifully designed I’ll have a gorgeous logo. But I feel like I am choosing a new baby from a line up and feel bad on the rest. It will be a nightmare but a nice nightmare to have. Thank you very much for all your hard work and inspiration.”

After applying the logo to the stationery: “I love the branding thank you. It’s absolutely beautiful. More than I could have hoped for and exactly how I would like to present myself – it’s got a strong leaning to American wedding branding and I like that a lot. It’s aspirational.”

and finally: “Beautiful. Thank you. Everyone should be ‘Sarah Batesed’. Imagine those poor people who’ve never put themselves forward for a whole branding exercise. What they are missing out on, they’ll never have known how they would choose to be represented!

A happy client, a happy designer – perfect!

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