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Working with Melanie England, who is launching a new business Revamp, has been exciting and very interesting to learn what she does and how this can help all women out there make the most of themselves.

Melanie is a professional make-up artist and also qualified to work out people’s colours and advise them on what colours to wear, how to apply makeup whatever they are wanting to achieve and even assess your wardrobe and advise what goes with what – how clever is that?

We have designed the whole branding from logo design to colour cards and fliers. Stephen at Orange Crush worked with Melanie on the web site which is launched today:

The whole process was really enjoyable and this is what Mel had to say, “Working with Sarah has been a fantastic experience from beginning to end!  From the word go, she seemed to understand my design ideas and her interpretations were always spot on.  I always felt Sarah was listening to me and no matter how many times I changed my mind during the process, she was always patient and supportive.  I found Sarah to be very professional and yet she made the process fun.  I feel very fortunate to have found her!”

Melanie has already Revamped a few lucky ladies and also had the privileged to make-up some brides on their special day – so to make bookings or find out more please call Revamp 07946 461321.


Elite English

By Sarah Bates

I have just completed designing a corporate identity for Louise from Elite English, language consultant – so for all those people out there who need professional writing services, support or training to help you communicate with your clients in accurate and beautiful English, contact Louise at Elite English Language Consultancy. Services include copy-editing, proofreading, translation-review, writing and staff training.

The identity had to communicate with all nationalities,we looked into colours, styles and what portrays sophistication, modern thinking, traditional values and gives off a British feel with a little twist. I designed lots of logos for this showing a vast range of possibilities and this is the one Louise decided represented her business in the best possibly way.