Moonwalk – marathon in aid of Breast Cancer

By Sarah Bates

Well I haven’t done a post for a while – been a very busy designer person as well as committing myself to raise money for Breast Cancer. I didn’t really do any training and thought as I have committed I will get through this challenge anyway. All I can say is that more training would have helped, some in our team completed within 6.5hrs, some others including myself completed with 8.5hrs. It was hard, the pace was fast, the toilet waits were horrendously long but all in all it was worth it to raise money for this worthwhile cause and I am glad I took part in it. Our group raised more money than we had hoped for – which is fantastic!

I have to say a BIG THANK YOU to all my friends and clients – yes I was cheeky enough to ask them, and most were very generous indeed and I am truly very grateful and won’t ever forget your kindness – thank you (tears welling as I type).It has been an emotional journey which I didn’t expect and am very glad that it is now done.

Honestly – would I do it again – possibly not – although they do a HALF MARATHON, which I would do – perhaps with my daughters in a few years!

Anyway some pics to show a wonderful night and a wonderful cause! Thank you again for your help and generosity.