Lazaat – car graphics

By Sarah Bates

This is an exciting project where the client has been inspired by an image, Jeff Koon’s BMW design. I had to interpret this and apply it to the Lazaat’s branding style. The design chosen was this one which is a full wrap around design, Ceejays from York are currently preparing the graphics and are due to do the livery tomorrow and Thursday – so I will keep you posted with the results in a few days time!

And it’s done! Fantastic result – it looked amazing this morning and will certainly attract peoples attention, which is exactly what Naveed wanted to achieve!

“Over the past few months I have worked closely alongside Sarah to complete a number of different designs for both eye catching road signs and promotional flyers for our re-launched restaurant. Sarah’s work is always completed to an exceptionally high standard and I have no reservations about highly recommending her or using her for any future work.” Naveed Choudry

Helen Roddie

By Sarah Bates

Helen Roddie is my sister-in-law and a fantastic print-maker. I love my job and at times need great patience but I really do admire the work of Helen’s because the process she goes through from the initial drawing in the garden to the final print must take hours of patience to get these stunning results in her prints.

Helen also does workshops so please visit her web site for more information.

Compare the Houses & Lettings

By Sarah Bates

I have worked with Colin from Compare the Houses, in close collaboration with Stephen form Orange Crush Design who has designed and produced the 2 web sites for the business; and soon to be launched I designed and produced the logo identity and have applied that to various collateral whenever it’s required.

“Sarah is absolutely fantastic…’very friendly and great to work with and certainly with us, just intuitively knew what we were looking for without having to go in to loads of detail. She is responsive and works fast, but most important of all, the quality of Sarah’s work is outstanding and actually much better than you would get from much, much more expensive agencies. I’m also very happy to speak to anyone directly if they would like any more detail.”

Colin MacKenzie,

Fry Online Insurance

By Sarah Bates

I have been working with Stuart Knowles from Smei on a new campaign for the Fry Online Insurance, we have finalised the campaign today – which is great and will be rolling out in the next coming months. I have also worked on a flyer that had to have perforations for ease of use on the stand, is also numbered so the clients can measure the success of the flyer, which will be inserted in Fry Monthly magazine and distributed by a company who specialise in marketing logistics!

Deadlines are vitally important to hit with something like this as it could impact financially on the customer. So all budding designers and students out there need to make sure they hit the deadlines whatever it takes!

Red Tigers Karate Club

By Sarah Bates

As a friend, gym buddy and parent of Sensei Milly, I was commissioned by Neil Blakeway, to design the Red Tigers Karate Club logo, various literature & the club badges. The logo design had to be strong, confident and yet appeal to a wide audience and look great on the web site as well as on the gui.

The web site, Red Tigers now have a great on-line and off-line presence.

Devon knows why they make it so creamy…

By Sarah Bates

It has been a glorious week in Devon, the weather was very hot and sunny for most of the time so we were lucky. We went to a Ram-Roast in the village of Bridestowe with friends and it was glorious; three-legged race, live music, beer tent, knobbly knees competition, BBQ and a cake stand – what more could you want? The beaches were fantastic in Cornwall, the surf was up and the sun was out. The week ended at Okehampton Show with a collection of animals, stalls and beautiful vintage tractors, all the logos were brilliant and I couldn’t help but take these photos…

Colour Emporium

By Sarah Bates

As a referral, I have had the pleasure of working with Carrie Frost from Colour Emporium, who wanted a new look for her business. Carrie was advised that the logo design is the first place to start – as this sets the style for the web site, business cards, brochures etc. Your logo is your first point of contact with potential customers, it should communicate the right messages you want your business to promote and attract the right target audience to be able to grow your business.

We have been on a colour journey with a little vintage thrown in and culminated in a logo that is everything Carrie wanted. It is sometimes hard as a client to know what the result should be as we all like such a variety of styles. A designer’s job, if they get it right, is pulling together all the clients requests, making sense of it all, considering the business, product and target audience and putting forward designs that work and meet the brief. A tall order but a satisfying one if you get it right and this has been one of those – which is great!