Urban typography

By Sarah Bates

The urban space we call a city! A wealth of visual references, an exciting visual reminder of what was the past and what is the future. My emphasis was how typography integrates into our lives, our space and how we become immune to the design and it is taken for granted!

What is remarkable is that every bit of design, whether it is a road sign, shop signage, window graphics, bags, tickets, train arrivals boards, graffiti – legal or illegal has been considered and designed by someone.

A lot more skill was required in the past and homage is paid to the The Swiss Style: Eduard Hoffmann for Helvetica and Edward Johnston and Erig Gill for those beautiful typefaces I love!

We generally car less for the skills involved and used in the past, as today we can produce digital vinyl cut type quickly efficiently and with a clean cut in any shape. However, for all I am a digital freak – I do crave sometimes for the hand written signs, the wobbly line and the not-quite-so-perfect flat colour!

So this is my celebration of what Leeds offered!