Specialists on your doorstep

By Sarah Bates

Isn’t it great – when you get a call from a local newspaper, who have a bargain – a last minute full color advertising space! So like a good trusty designer I immediately emailed my local clients, who were equally overjoyed at such a treat! A few hours later and we have a full colour, full page ad ready for the morning’s deadline!

I love it when a plan comes together!

So, whether you want a heavenly pamper or a Mother’s Day treat in a luxurious salon, a new spring look for your home with Nu-Floor’s beautiful flooring or a new hair colour – fresh for the year ahead – look no further; The Forum Health & Beauty Salon, Nu-Floor Flooring Specialists and Elizabeth Horner’s Hair salon are here to help!

Utilizing Negative Space

By Sarah Bates

Just recently I have been working with some students on a corporate identity project, teaching them the process of designing a logo – which may surprise most people because it takes an extraordinary amount of time to get it right. Some of the simplest logos have had lots of time and effort put in to developing and refining the designs to make it that simple.

Take the Fedex logo, simple, recognisable and very sophisticated, as the E and X for an arrow in the negative space that points forwards. The amazon logo has a smiley face and an arrow pointing from a to z! This is where the logo design really works for me when there is a hidden or clever use of space.

A few of the designs are here which I showed to the students to hopefully inspire their designs…