fresco hardwood flooring

By Sarah Bates

Another van livered up – this time for the Fresco Hardwood Flooring. There will soon be determined Fresco Spotters out there, waiting on corners and bridges to spot the different vans all over the country!

So look out Britain –  let me know if you spot one!

aspiring photographer

By Sarah Bates

I am proud to put some of my daughter’s photographs up here and share her budding talent, she certainly has the “eye” to take the slightly more unusual shots.

Her shots seems to evolve around light and nature and there is definitely no Photoshop used here!

Let me know what you think…

International Contemporary Artists’ Book Fair

By Sarah Bates

I was fortunate to have been invited to The 10th International Contemporary Artists’ Book Fair at Leeds University on Friday. What a joy! The whole room was full of talented and creative people who printed, designed and made books. There was a vast array of styles, sizes, purposes and every one was joyfully different.

I didn’t take may photographs but bought a few treasures. As a designer and lecturer it was a joy to see how inspired people are and inspirational!

sunny days and pantone

By Sarah Bates

Amongst other things I’ve done today – this is a first – I’ve Pantone referenced the sky! It’s 292c and with my glasses in it’s the preferred 2925c which is actually my favourite blue! I think I’m taking my design referencing to a new obsessive level!

Pantone as many of you know, is the bible of colour referencing for all designers and printers out there. I do however, seem to be getting slightly obsessed with this and have found myself drawn to everything that is Pantone, from the Rubics Cube I cannot buy, the phone cover I’ve just bought and the mug I drink from when in front of my mac. I have also noticed, which has snuck upon me, that I am obviously drawn to everything that is Pantone Orange and I thought it had always been the hue of green!

I think I am going to have to restrain myself as there are lots of Pantone things I would gladly surround myself with but I will try to be strong!

So, people out there be warned it consumes you unexpectedly!!