Holmes Dog Walking

By Sarah Bates

It is brilliant to hear from clients and how I have helped them to make a success of their business. Cara from Holmes Dog Walking Services has just been blogging about her client, beautiful walks, the British weather and making liver cake for her clients (pooches). I am just so impressed as her enthusiasm and passion for her job really adds another dimension to her business and service.

Her clients love it too!

Visual Creative Arts Exhibition

By Sarah Bates

As you may know I as well as being a graphic designer – I also teach at Selby College and every year the second year students have a final exhibition to show off their fabulous work. Normally, we get the students to design the poster as a competition but time was indeed pressing and so I spent an hour at my mac, producing some exhibition posters and loved every minute of it. Tutors loved the designs, vote was taken and one design was chosen – great to work with like-minded, decision making and slightly mad, creative people!

I have always been inspired by the fantastic Swiss Style Movement, also know as the International Typographic Style that developed in Switzerland in the 1950s. Joseph Müller-Brockmann was one of the famous graphic designers linked to the movement and a great inspiration. The style is known for it cleanliness, readability and primarily used sans serif typography. You will have seen many inspired designs from this style and here are mine.

The exhibition is an opportunity to come and be inspired yourself. The students are from a wide range of courses, A level Media Studies, Art & Design, Diploma in Art & Design, Extended Diploma in Fashion & Clothing, Art & Design, Creative Media Production, Theatre Studies and this year for the first time Music Technology – so it’s a great evening to see what we have been up to!

Please do come along 14th June 2012, 6-8pm Renaissance Building, Selby College.





















Banksy in London

By Sarah Bates

Love it. Just recently went to London and was shown a Banksy – a real one. The story goes that the Council didn’t quite know what to do with this “artwork” as it is deemed graffiti, writing or drawings scribbled, scratched, or sprayed illicitly on a wall or other surface in a public place, but the problem was that it was most certainly done by a well known “artist”. The result was a plastic covering over the image to preserve it and much to my amusement someone had then graffitied over the top of it.

Always topical – this one has now been spotted on the streets of London and is said to be Banksy’s latest piece!

Lazaat Hotel & Restaurant

By Sarah Bates

It’s always a pleasure working with the team from Lazaat Hotel & Restaurant in Cottingham, and have just completed the signage for hotel grounds – replacing the old signs with these new stunning, metal, weather resistant ones which are more in-keeping with their branding style and with the reflective lettering look great both day and night.

I am happy to say that Naveed, owner of Lazaat, was “really pleased” with them. Ceejays from York, were the chaps who produced and installed the signs and did a great job – it’s always great to work with like minded professionals.

I’ve also been working on their Christmas promotions and Wedding brochure which should be completed in the next few weeks – so look out for it soon.