Well, I have to say it has been a roller coaster week in the art department. We started on Monday morning with 60 blank boards that needed painting both sides, paint to buy, a studio that needed clearing and a stressed tutor (me) and that was just the start! The students worked as a team, helping each other out and by the end of Tuesday we had the boards up, the creative direction pep talk given and by the end of the day everyone’s exhibition was already starting to take shape.

The students had to show off their work and really think how they were best to display it. We wanted a little bit of drama, excitement and to make it visually stimulating and enjoyable for all to see. They were fantastic; choosing their own particular pieces, making business cards and even bringing props in, it was a very steep learning curve and I have to give credit to them – they stepped up and should be very proud of themselves as I am.

The results were simply stunning, considering the students have all had the same projects, were taught the same skills, processes and techniques – each student’s exhibition was individual and unique and what a wide breadth of work they have produced.  We teach a wide range to enable to students to progress onto different pathways; various printing techniques, a wide range of visual recording skills, digital design & image manipulation, sculpture, photography the list goes on – as well as professional practice – where proper hand shakes are a must!

It was also great to see students from the past – with a few texts – they came in droves and what a joy to catch up with them all and find out what they have all been up to at university. With a little bit of persuasion they’ve even promised to come in and chat to the first year students and show some of their work.

So a great week was had by all. Proud tutors, proud and relieved students and hopefully proud parents and family too!

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