I have always been excited by typography – the art of setting type – whether it is for a poster, price of art or simply just to read. As part of my teaching I deliver a unit about the history of type and letterforms and so letterpress has always fascinated me. On studying at Derby College of Art we have a small amount of letterpress to use and a fantastic old school typographer called Ernie.

So when the opportunity arose to go on a letterpress course I jumped at the chance. It was a 2 day course held at a West Yorkshire Print Workshop covering the basics of letterpress. A great bloke who was a professional printer taught us the ropes as well as exuding charm and a passion for print.

I prepared, being a true swatty student,  did some research and even started a sketchbook much to the annoyance of the other fellow novice letterpress-ers – so here are a few pics to enthuse and continue the art of letterpress printing. I also learned that when the type make an imprint into the paper it is not embossing (which is where it is raised off the paper) but debossing! You see you learn something new every day and may it continue…

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