Using data to make imagery

Working with Dr Paul Genever and Dr Amanda Barnes at York University I was interested in how data visualisation might be able to produce imagery to raise awareness of what they do in the department. I began with a data set of 12,000 entries, results from 4 experiments using a stem cell. One of their funded sponsors is Arthritis Uk and their research explores how stem cells can be encouraged to grow into bone cells – ultimately for joint replacements in the future, instead of metal or plastic, which is revolutionary.

I visualised the data using Excel, Tableau and Raw Data to produce some very beautiful and completely different data visualisations, which were turned into postcards, as a possible promotional flyer to give away at exhibitions and events.

I was drawn to a particular image as it resonates with a person’s experience who have arthritis of suffering and pain which was the circular spiky image. A music lecturer colleague when looking at the image could resonate with the feelings of arthritis and produce a music score to the image. This was very modern score with a huge baseline beat. I experimented and explored Adobe After Effects and Premiere resulting in 3 motion graphic responses which can be viewed here.


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