David Dutson, a landscape architect from Jersey got in touch and wanted a logo design for his new start-up company. I give all my clients a bit of homework and so David was set to task with visual researching things he liked, disliked and what he thought was successful. This can be done simply in a Word document, Pinterest board or just through email. It is important to research your client’s business thoroughly as this is the first part of the ideas generating process.

Researching into the target market and what he wanted to visually communicate through the logo design had to reflect the landscape architecture business. The design had to be clean cut, simply and understated yet strong and confident. The colours I felt needed to relate to the materials used in the sector and reflect the work undertaken.

To my surprise and joy David loved my own logo design and especially the font, which was the ‘God of All Fonts’ – the legendary typeface Helvetica Neue. I set to work, researched and sketched, developed and experimented which resulted in a range of logo designs presented on email.. David was decisive and clear on his vision which is great, allowed the design process to be a quicker process in developing the final design. The logo design was applied to a range of stationery; letterhead and business cards.

The results were stunning; beautiful, matt laminated business cards which will immediately give David’s customers a reassuring feel of quality and instill confidence.

Print is not dead yet and I hope it never will – as the tactile experience should never be under estimated.

logo design