Logo and Signage design

By Sarah Bates

The Brief

Prohibition Hair Salon needed a logo design as a result of The Elements hair salon relocating within Leeds’ city centre. Reece and Matthew are inspired by the emerging art movements in the 1900s; William Morris and his Arts & Craft movement and the beautiful sumptuous Art Deco period with its angles and indulgence of the speakeasy salons, as a result of prohibition in America. They knew they needed a logo designing professionally in order to ensure originality and to fit in with their theme.

Logo Design

Their new salon lends itself perfectly to the idea of a speakeasy salon as it is above a shop. Leeds’ best-kept secret – kept behind closed doors. They wanted their customers to have an experience, not just a haircut! I designed a series of  1920 style inspired logos and a final design was chosen for their new salon. The doors opened this year on The Headrow after lots of Pinterest boards, sweat and tears to get the salon ready. Cutting edge hair design, great surroundings and brilliant staff – perfect!

Salon Design

I also helped and advise for the graphics for the inside of the salon and the signage for the windows, doors and outside the salon to ensure some presence.

branding and logo design
Print flyers for Prohibition Hair Salon



Trials of Engagement – Solo Exhibition July 2016

By Sarah Bates

My first solo exhibition was an innovative research study. It focused on the developing interdisciplinary, zeitgeist movement that brings together a unique collaboration between creativity and healthcare. It was the last project in my Master Degree in Creative Practice at Leeds College of Art. The course widened my practice, extended the breadth of engagement and was the most challenging 2 years of my life; emotionally and physically.

The Project

I worked with Leeds Hospital NHS Trust, Clinical Research Facility and the Cancer Research UK Leeds Centre, and using their data as a storytelling mechanism. This exhibition is designed to raise awareness of clinical research through the production of aesthetically pleasing, visual responses with the potential to be displayed in a research setting. The aim is to engage, enlighten and inform people involved in clinical research through originality and uniqueness – a refreshing approach that breaks away from the usual staid vapidity.

Through my work and research words (verbal communication) became fundamental and integral to this project through the dialogue between patient and clinician. This collaboration of research, healthcare and creativity resulted in an exhibition at Leeds College of Art. This short film is a summary of the course and my practice.

I donated the exhibition panels to Leeds Hospital NHS Trust and were installed in their new Innovation and Research Centre’s boardroom at the hospital June 2017. This is a perfect setting to generate discussion, raise awareness and connect healthcare and creativity together. The feedback to the installations was immense and overwhelmingly positive which makes me feel very proud to have embarked on this journey with Debbie Bernie and her team. I hope the installations in their permanent home will continue to create a unique opportunity to develop a narrative for the future.



sarahbates_trials_of_engagement-optimism sarahbates_trials_of_engagement_research