Fresco Flooring

By Sarah Bates

Fresco Flooring commissioned me to digitally update this illustration which humorously highlights the differences in the professions involved in the commercial flooring business. It is displayed in Fresco Group’s boardroom for all to enjoy the differences.

I think it is paramount for any successful not treat everyone in their team the same, nor have the same expectations for everyone but to use the different skills people have to an advantage. This also has a positive impact on the individual who responds well to this approach and so team working is crucial to success.

A really interesting article from Skills You Need talks about just this – click here for more information.

Hope you enjoy the illustration and perhaps it will make you think about the different skills within your team or business…

University of Leeds’ Window Graphic

By Sarah Bates

The Brief

I was recommended for a commission to design a window graphic in the reception area of School of Chemical and Process Engineering, University of Leeds as part of their refurbishment. The windows are incredibly large and in a prominent area and are south facing so the intensity of light was important. Full design coverage was needed but the light still had to pass through the material and so the level of opacity had to be considered.

The window graphic had to represent the Schools’ taught subjects, high level of research, links with industry – so their past, present and future vision. I researched the Schools’ history, interviewed academics and technicians, undertook photo shoots and began to understand the phenomenal research work carried out at the school, which continues to impact the industry.

The image had to have depth, so people could revisit the image and see other things they hadn’t seen before as this would be seen by every visitor, staff member and student visiting the school. I was conscious it had to reflect the history, the present and the future. The design was approved, printed and materials tested and finally installed in August and immediately boarded up for protection until the construction has finished.

The installation

Below are some of the photographs of the reception area and window – before and afer, and the full graphic – it looks brilliant and certainly has an impact when you walk in. There is a depth and talking with a few people yesterday they keep returning to see new elements in the design they hadn’t seen before!

This project has been exciting, incredibly interesting to learn of the wide range and depth of research undertaken at the School and to design a window graphic that will stand the test of time and be there to inspire future generations is a priveledge.

reception area before
south facing as it stood while the refurbishment happened
Reception area refurbishment
Window graphic designed and installed
Full scale view