Red Tigers Karate Club

By Sarah Bates

As a friend, gym buddy and parent of Sensei Milly, I was commissioned by Neil Blakeway, to design the Red Tigers Karate Club logo, various literature & the club badges. The logo design had to be strong, confident and yet appeal to a wide audience and look great on the web site as well as on the gui.

The web site, Red Tigers now have a great on-line and off-line presence.

Colour Emporium

By Sarah Bates

As a referral, I have had the pleasure of working with Carrie Frost from Colour Emporium, who wanted a new look for her business. Carrie was advised that the logo design is the first place to start – as this sets the style for the web site, business cards, brochures etc. Your logo is your first point of contact with potential customers, it should communicate the right messages you want your business to promote and attract the right target audience to be able to grow your business.

We have been on a colour journey with a little vintage thrown in and culminated in a logo that is everything Carrie wanted. It is sometimes hard as a client to know what the result should be as we all like such a variety of styles. A designer’s job, if they get it right, is pulling together all the clients requests, making sense of it all, considering the business, product and target audience and putting forward designs that work and meet the brief. A tall order but a satisfying one if you get it right and this has been one of those – which is great!



By Sarah Bates
















Working with Melanie England, who is launching a new business Revamp, has been exciting and very interesting to learn what she does and how this can help all women out there make the most of themselves.

Melanie is a professional make-up artist and also qualified to work out people’s colours and advise them on what colours to wear, how to apply makeup whatever they are wanting to achieve and even assess your wardrobe and advise what goes with what – how clever is that?

We have designed the whole branding from logo design to colour cards and fliers. Stephen at Orange Crush worked with Melanie on the web site which is launched today:

The whole process was really enjoyable and this is what Mel had to say, “Working with Sarah has been a fantastic experience from beginning to end!  From the word go, she seemed to understand my design ideas and her interpretations were always spot on.  I always felt Sarah was listening to me and no matter how many times I changed my mind during the process, she was always patient and supportive.  I found Sarah to be very professional and yet she made the process fun.  I feel very fortunate to have found her!”

Melanie has already Revamped a few lucky ladies and also had the privileged to make-up some brides on their special day – so to make bookings or find out more please call Revamp 07946 461321.


Elite English

By Sarah Bates

I have just completed designing a corporate identity for Louise from Elite English, language consultant – so for all those people out there who need professional writing services, support or training to help you communicate with your clients in accurate and beautiful English, contact Louise at Elite English Language Consultancy. Services include copy-editing, proofreading, translation-review, writing and staff training.

The identity had to communicate with all nationalities,we looked into colours, styles and what portrays sophistication, modern thinking, traditional values and gives off a British feel with a little twist. I designed lots of logos for this showing a vast range of possibilities and this is the one Louise decided represented her business in the best possibly way.


lisa stonehouse corporate identity

By Sarah Bates

Lisa Stonehouse wanted to promote her wedding and portrait photography and was after a particular style. I gave her a hard time with lots of delicious logo designs to choose from but eventually Lisa decided on one and then I applied this to a range of stationery and literature.

Some of the photographs especially the portrait photography is fantastic and you should visit her website once it’s up and running.

Lisa gave me an open brief in one sense and lots and lots of things to look at – so much so I went on a little journey myself exploring photographers, analysing their styles and being blown away by the stunning imagery I looked at. Some of the photographers were Greg Williams and Brigitte Lacombe, specific photographers like Javier Vallhonrat, Tom Craig – location photographers – all were brilliant and I was filled with awe.

Here are a few of the lovely comments Lisa made while on this journey, that summarises everything perfectly..

After first presentation: You’re a devil, how on earth am I going to choose!’ Andy is blown away too. The logos are stunning and as Andy says it doesn’t matter which one I choose because they are all so beautifully designed I’ll have a gorgeous logo. But I feel like I am choosing a new baby from a line up and feel bad on the rest. It will be a nightmare but a nice nightmare to have. Thank you very much for all your hard work and inspiration.”

After applying the logo to the stationery: “I love the branding thank you. It’s absolutely beautiful. More than I could have hoped for and exactly how I would like to present myself – it’s got a strong leaning to American wedding branding and I like that a lot. It’s aspirational.”

and finally: “Beautiful. Thank you. Everyone should be ‘Sarah Batesed’. Imagine those poor people who’ve never put themselves forward for a whole branding exercise. What they are missing out on, they’ll never have known how they would choose to be represented!

A happy client, a happy designer – perfect!

sarah bates 1-8


By Sarah Bates

Well I have just designed a corporate identity for a great company, with great people and who are great clients. Their old logo just wasn’t up to the ‘T-Shirt test’ and I’m delighted to say this one is!!! whoop whoop!

These guys make you think about your life and all the stresses and hassles we all have, how you handle things and HOW you use your language – I believe they do what they say… Take ownership, don’t use the word “can’t, won’t, and I’ll try”  just be honest and say it how it is, don’t feel obliged  – which is massive challenge but it’s got to be worth it hasn’t it and I’m going to to this – “doing life better”!

We finlaised the logo and colour yesterday and so I asked, thinking it would take a while, if I could have a testimonial, and well – I was overjoyed when this one came flying in and thought I should share it with you all and thank you John…

“Working with Sarah has been simply brilliant. She was so dedicated to getting the right design for us and so prepared to go the extra mile. It’s been more like working with a long lost friend than anything else, and that’s because Sarah really took the time to understand us, to know what makes our business tick, to get to the heart of our company. She also put us firmly in charge, we felt like we were making the decisions, we were part of the design process, and that was really important to us. Oh, and the main thing, she’s a great designer, great at what she does and great at giving her clients what they really want. I’m delighted with what Sarah has done for us, she’s oozed quality in every sense” John Borland


emma louise – beauty essentials for everyday!

By Sarah Bates

I was approached to design a rebrand of a local beauty salon, to update their image based on a “shabby sheek” style, all girls, frills and essentials! Having now presented lots and lots of designs, Emma has decided on an identity that looks girly, with a vintage touch and looks deliciously pretty! Cupcakes meet glass beads and hotchpotch meets velvet! Emma wants to promote “beauty essentials for everyday” and will be promoting this through monthly offers!