sunny days and pantone

By Sarah Bates

Amongst other things I’ve done today – this is a first – I’ve Pantone referenced the sky! It’s 292c and with my glasses in it’s the preferred 2925c which is actually my favourite blue! I think I’m taking my design referencing to a new obsessive level!

Pantone as many of you know, is the bible of colour referencing for all designers and printers out there. I do however, seem to be getting slightly obsessed with this and have found myself drawn to everything that is Pantone, from the Rubics Cube I cannot buy, the phone cover I’ve just bought and the mug I drink from when in front of my mac. I have also noticed, which has snuck upon me, that I am obviously drawn to everything that is Pantone Orange and I thought it had always been the hue of green!

I think I am going to have to restrain myself as there are lots of Pantone things I would gladly surround myself with but I will try to be strong!

So, people out there be warned it consumes you unexpectedly!!
















































Utilizing Negative Space

By Sarah Bates

Just recently I have been working with some students on a corporate identity project, teaching them the process of designing a logo – which may surprise most people because it takes an extraordinary amount of time to get it right. Some of the simplest logos have had lots of time and effort put in to developing and refining the designs to make it that simple.

Take the Fedex logo, simple, recognisable and very sophisticated, as the E and X for an arrow in the negative space that points forwards. The amazon logo has a smiley face and an arrow pointing from a to z! This is where the logo design really works for me when there is a hidden or clever use of space.

A few of the designs are here which I showed to the students to hopefully inspire their designs…

Urban typography

By Sarah Bates

The urban space we call a city! A wealth of visual references, an exciting visual reminder of what was the past and what is the future. My emphasis was how typography integrates into our lives, our space and how we become immune to the design and it is taken for granted!

What is remarkable is that every bit of design, whether it is a road sign, shop signage, window graphics, bags, tickets, train arrivals boards, graffiti – legal or illegal has been considered and designed by someone.

A lot more skill was required in the past and homage is paid to the The Swiss Style: Eduard Hoffmann for Helvetica and Edward Johnston and Erig Gill for those beautiful typefaces I love!

We generally car less for the skills involved and used in the past, as today we can produce digital vinyl cut type quickly efficiently and with a clean cut in any shape. However, for all I am a digital freak – I do crave sometimes for the hand written signs, the wobbly line and the not-quite-so-perfect flat colour!

So this is my celebration of what Leeds offered!

Devon knows why they make it so creamy…

By Sarah Bates

It has been a glorious week in Devon, the weather was very hot and sunny for most of the time so we were lucky. We went to a Ram-Roast in the village of Bridestowe with friends and it was glorious; three-legged race, live music, beer tent, knobbly knees competition, BBQ and a cake stand – what more could you want? The beaches were fantastic in Cornwall, the surf was up and the sun was out. The week ended at Okehampton Show with a collection of animals, stalls and beautiful vintage tractors, all the logos were brilliant and I couldn’t help but take these photos…

Moonwalk – marathon in aid of Breast Cancer

By Sarah Bates

Well I haven’t done a post for a while – been a very busy designer person as well as committing myself to raise money for Breast Cancer. I didn’t really do any training and thought as I have committed I will get through this challenge anyway. All I can say is that more training would have helped, some in our team completed within 6.5hrs, some others including myself completed with 8.5hrs. It was hard, the pace was fast, the toilet waits were horrendously long but all in all it was worth it to raise money for this worthwhile cause and I am glad I took part in it. Our group raised more money than we had hoped for – which is fantastic!

I have to say a BIG THANK YOU to all my friends and clients – yes I was cheeky enough to ask them, and most were very generous indeed and I am truly very grateful and won’t ever forget your kindness – thank you (tears welling as I type).It has been an emotional journey which I didn’t expect and am very glad that it is now done.

Honestly – would I do it again – possibly not – although they do a HALF MARATHON, which I would do – perhaps with my daughters in a few years!

Anyway some pics to show a wonderful night and a wonderful cause! Thank you again for your help and generosity.