Fresco Flooring

By Sarah Bates

Fresco Flooring commissioned me to digitally update this illustration which humorously highlights the differences in the professions involved in the commercial flooring business. It is displayed in Fresco Group’s boardroom for all to enjoy the differences.

I think it is paramount for any successful not treat everyone in their team the same, nor have the same expectations for everyone but to use the different skills people have to an advantage. This also has a positive impact on the individual who responds well to this approach and so team working is crucial to success.

A really interesting article from Skills You Need talks about just this – click here for more information.

Hope you enjoy the illustration and perhaps it will make you think about the different skills within your team or business…

University of Leeds’ Window Graphic

By Sarah Bates

The Brief

I was recommended for a commission to design a window graphic in the reception area of School of Chemical and Process Engineering, University of Leeds as part of their refurbishment. The windows are incredibly large and in a prominent area and are south facing so the intensity of light was important. Full design coverage was needed but the light still had to pass through the material and so the level of opacity had to be considered.

The window graphic had to represent the Schools’ taught subjects, high level of research, links with industry – so their past, present and future vision. I researched the Schools’ history, interviewed academics and technicians, undertook photo shoots and began to understand the phenomenal research work carried out at the school, which continues to impact the industry.

The image had to have depth, so people could revisit the image and see other things they hadn’t seen before as this would be seen by every visitor, staff member and student visiting the school. I was conscious it had to reflect the history, the present and the future. The design was approved, printed and materials tested and finally installed in August and immediately boarded up for protection until the construction has finished.

The installation

Below are some of the photographs of the reception area and window – before and afer, and the full graphic – it looks brilliant and certainly has an impact when you walk in. There is a depth and talking with a few people yesterday they keep returning to see new elements in the design they hadn’t seen before!

This project has been exciting, incredibly interesting to learn of the wide range and depth of research undertaken at the School and to design a window graphic that will stand the test of time and be there to inspire future generations is a priveledge.

reception area before
south facing as it stood while the refurbishment happened
Reception area refurbishment
Window graphic designed and installed
Full scale view

Logo and Signage design

By Sarah Bates

The Brief

Prohibition Hair Salon needed a logo design as a result of The Elements hair salon relocating within Leeds’ city centre. Reece and Matthew are inspired by the emerging art movements in the 1900s; William Morris and his Arts & Craft movement and the beautiful sumptuous Art Deco period with its angles and indulgence of the speakeasy salons, as a result of prohibition in America. They knew they needed a logo designing professionally in order to ensure originality and to fit in with their theme.

Logo Design

Their new salon lends itself perfectly to the idea of a speakeasy salon as it is above a shop. Leeds’ best-kept secret – kept behind closed doors. They wanted their customers to have an experience, not just a haircut! I designed a series of  1920 style inspired logos and a final design was chosen for their new salon. The doors opened this year on The Headrow after lots of Pinterest boards, sweat and tears to get the salon ready. Cutting edge hair design, great surroundings and brilliant staff – perfect!

Salon Design

I also helped and advise for the graphics for the inside of the salon and the signage for the windows, doors and outside the salon to ensure some presence.

branding and logo design
Print flyers for Prohibition Hair Salon



RT Gas & Oil Heating – logo design

By Sarah Bates

A logo design was commissioned by Neil from RT Gas and Oil Heating who was just setting up his new business. He needed a logo that reflected the services he offered, and the logo needed to communicated a strong, confident and trustworthy message to his customers.

Design Process

As part of being a good designer you have to know how to manipulate the formal elements to communicate the right message to the right audience. You also need a clear brief, know the customers target market, know and understand their competitors, what is the market placement and what the client visually likes and dislikes. Therefore visual research is required to be able to generate ideas to ensure your logo design is unique, creative and original. Some of the best designs look the simplest but have taken a phenomenal amount of talent to get it to the final stage.

So we embarked on a design journey, fist presentation of the logo designs won the client over, the logo was chosen and develop a little to ensure the colours worked. We did some market research and received feedback which is always an effective approach to find out exactly what people think in order to refine the design.

The logo design was applied to a range of stationery, van graphics, business cards, flyers and website. Neil is highly delighted by the results.


Frescrete Ltd

By Sarah Bates

Newly launched business, Chris Maltby at Frescrete who are specialists in concrete repair and resin floor systems have already had some great successes, with brilliant testimonials and lots of enquiries. I have already designed and printed their business cards, email flyers and a promotional leaflet will hopefully be finalised shortly, part of their promotional literature. Social media will hopefully also begin to play a part in their marketing strategy.

Screen Shot 2014-04-20 at 13.00.36   Screen Shot 2014-04-20 at 12.57.01


Great testimonial

By Sarah Bates

This morning, collected my emails and there was a fantastic testimonial sat there from Rob and Natalie, from DJL. I designed their branding and website a while ago now – made my day

‘We were recommended to work with Sarah by a friend who had previously
worked with her.
From our very first conversation we were confident we had made the
right choice, we were complete novices at designing an appropiate brand
to showcase our business. Sarah listened, supported and advised on
every aspect, guiding us to make the right decisions for DJL.
Ultimately we have been left with a design we are very proud of and the
response from our customers has been very positive, many of whom only
contact us because of the Van! Thank you Sarah, our business would not
be what it is without your work’

Just a note – Yell did a test on our web page and he said it was the
best score he had seen, he was very impressed with the design and
overall site!! He asked if I had designed it, but I explained it was
you…. Thank you again.

Rob & Natalie

Heritage Commercial Finance

By Sarah Bates

Working with Nigel from NJM Solutions is a great partnership as he can refer me with confidence knowing I will help his clients in anyway I can to promote, update and deliver effective visual communications. One such client is Heritage Commercial Finance, they had just had a new logo designed but wanted to take the branding further and this needed to start with some literature, ensuring their logo was correct, used in a consistent manner (so the same version all the time on whatever they needed) and a new website.

I cannot stress the importance of a logo, not only the message it communicates and reflects on your business but the importance of a designer to “get it right” and ensure they supply the clients a logo in all the correct formats so consistency of the brand is easy to implement. It should be produced in a vector based programme so it is scalable, supplied in various formats; .eps, .pdf, .jpg, .png and preferably in 2 sizes – normals size and small – perfect for emails.
Anyone reading this who doesn’t have their logo supplied in these formats, get back on to the designer who designed it and ask – it’s your right!

So, at Heritage Commercial Finance, Allison Robinson and Emma Bird were great to work with. I re-designed the application form and produced it as an interactive pdf form, which means the clients can apply in line and email back thte form making the provess quick and easy. Taken the branding using the great “h” symbol a little further, produced various proposals for a new brochure and have just delivered beautiful glossy new business cards to a delighted client.

Their web site and has now also been launched where I designed the visuals and Nick, my trusty steed, did his “magic” yet again to produce a site that is distinctive and really places the business in another league. We also had the help from Louise from Advanced Writing Solutions, a brilliant copywriter who is so good she can make “your’ words sound fantastic.

Heritage Commercial Finance has also just won an award for “Best Bridging Newcomer 2013” which is a fantastic achievement.



Corporate Identity

By Sarah Bates

I was approached just before the festivities began, to design a corporate identity for a company called International Education Connect. David Blackie was able to give me a full brief and had even done some research to help me start the design process. I presented him with a full range of logos, 19 designs in total, a couple of designs were developed further and one was finally chosen.

The business cards are at print as I write which is very exciting and I have also been working on English in Britain brochure design for David too, which will be going to print next week.

David has been delighted with the designs and my service so far and I have had some lovely comments on email as I worked over the holidays to ensure we go to print early next week,

” You are a star and well beyond the call of duty. Thank you very much for putting so much into this – I can see it’s a lot of work… Thanks again Sarah – I greatly appreciate your work.”

IEC.Buscards-01 IEC.Buscards-02

The Ferry Inn – Cawood

By Sarah Bates

In our historic village of Cawood we are lucky to have a hairdressers, garden center, architect’s studio, caravan park, beautiful All Saints Church, Castle Gatehouse and 3 pubs, one of which is called The Ferry Inn.

Jono, the landlord has employed a new chef and they have together formed a scrumptious menu with a little treat for everyone I’m sure. So I jumped at the chance to design it, as I have been following the chalkboard calligraphers; Tanamachi Studios whose designs are amazingly fantastic and wanted to try my own chalkboard design on something.

Jono was great and instead of going for the “normal” A5 4 page or a folded DL style menu he was tempted by something bigger. So I designed an A3 double sided menu, introduced the old worn paper look to link in with the history of the place and of course inspired by the chalkboard style illustrations I had been looking at and he was impressed. Delivered it today to happy clients!

IMG_1496  IMG_1498


A little history of Cawood for those who want to know more, even pay a visit and sample the food for yourselves..

Cawood (other names: Carwood) is a large village (formerly a market town) and civil parish in the Selby district of North Yorkshire, England that is notable as the finding-place of the Cawood sword.
In his King’s England series, Arthur Mee refers to Cawood as “the Windsor of the North”. It used to be the residence of the Archbishops of York. The name is believed to come from the characteristic noise made by crows in the nearby woods. Cawood is south of the point where the River Wharfe flows into the River Ouse which subsequently forms the northern border of the village. Cawood Bridge is the only bridge from the village which spans the river. The bridge was opened in 1872: before then the only means of crossing was by use of a ferry. Dick Turpin is said to have forded the river when he escaped to York, which lies ten miles north of Cawood. The River Ouse used to flood the village regularly in winter.

To read more on Cawood please visit our web site by clicking here.