Lazaat Hotel & Restaurant

By Sarah Bates

It’s always a pleasure working with the team from Lazaat Hotel & Restaurant in Cottingham, and have just completed the signage for hotel grounds – replacing the old signs with these new stunning, metal, weather resistant ones which are more in-keeping with their branding style and with the reflective lettering look great both day and night.

I am happy to say that Naveed, owner of Lazaat, was “really pleased” with them. Ceejays from York, were the chaps who produced and installed the signs and did a great job – it’s always great to work with like minded professionals.

I’ve also been working on their Christmas promotions and Wedding brochure which should be completed in the next few weeks – so look out for it soon.

fresco hardwood flooring

By Sarah Bates

Another van livered up – this time for the Fresco Hardwood Flooring. There will soon be determined Fresco Spotters out there, waiting on corners and bridges to spot the different vans all over the country!

So look out Britain –  let me know if you spot one!

International Contemporary Artists’ Book Fair

By Sarah Bates

I was fortunate to have been invited to The 10th International Contemporary Artists’ Book Fair at Leeds University on Friday. What a joy! The whole room was full of talented and creative people who printed, designed and made books. There was a vast array of styles, sizes, purposes and every one was joyfully different.

I didn’t take may photographs but bought a few treasures. As a designer and lecturer it was a joy to see how inspired people are and inspirational!

Specialists on your doorstep

By Sarah Bates

Isn’t it great – when you get a call from a local newspaper, who have a bargain – a last minute full color advertising space! So like a good trusty designer I immediately emailed my local clients, who were equally overjoyed at such a treat! A few hours later and we have a full colour, full page ad ready for the morning’s deadline!

I love it when a plan comes together!

So, whether you want a heavenly pamper or a Mother’s Day treat in a luxurious salon, a new spring look for your home with Nu-Floor’s beautiful flooring or a new hair colour – fresh for the year ahead – look no further; The Forum Health & Beauty Salon, Nu-Floor Flooring Specialists and Elizabeth Horner’s Hair salon are here to help!

Helen Roddie

By Sarah Bates

Helen Roddie is my sister-in-law and a fantastic print-maker. I love my job and at times need great patience but I really do admire the work of Helen’s because the process she goes through from the initial drawing in the garden to the final print must take hours of patience to get these stunning results in her prints.

Helen also does workshops so please visit her web site for more information.

I want one….

By Sarah Bates

Look at this… to all you designer people out there – 01-_rubitone_webI can do a Rubiks Cube but I wouldn’t even touch this – I’d just look at it in awe!

For those people that have no idea why I am getting so excited about it… our lives are run by Pantone colours, this is a designer’s guide to life really and to have Pantone mugs are great, to have t-towels would be better but to have a Pantone Rubiks Cube would be heaven!

The sad thing is – is that we cannot buy them and if we want one – we would have to make our own!

The chap who produced this is, is called Ignacio Pilotto and is a product designer. He has a beautiful web site showcasing his really funky designs. He has even designed some “Mix Stix” wooden kitchen utensils that you can hit pans with to make music, as you would have done as a child on the kitchen floor driving mum mad! Brilliant!

inspirational typography

By Sarah Bates

I am inspired by contemporary designers, people who are producing great designs now – not just in the past. Large design consultancies tend to have larger budgets, bigger clients and can afford to do things a little differently.

I found this beautiful typography in tree trunks which were then put up in a library by no other than the great design consultancy: Why Not Associates! Don’t they just look brilliant?

They have also produced the typography for the walk way into the entrance building at Yorkshire Sculpture Park.

02 01

Nueve – such simple pleasures

By Sarah Bates

I love cubes, patterns and wood and so I couldn’t help myself when I saw this in the YSP’s shop – I had to buy it and WHAT a pleasure! This has given me and my children hours of pattern making, it’s clever and no matter how you turn the cubes, every pattern is stunning, every time. These items can only be purchased through gallery shops I’m afraid,  but then again it encourages you to go and see it for yourself!  There are 68,719,476,736 patterns you can create so you will never be bored – how good is that?