With my help, your company's logo, print collateral and online presence combined with a website - will set the right tone and communicate in a professional and effective manner to your audience. Being able to offer you a complete design service is important to me, so you feel confident knowing it can be dealt with all 'in-house' - ensuring a design cohesion within your business. If you want more information about any of my design services - please get in touch.


I’m an experienced graphic designer and specialise in helping individuals, new or existing small business. So whether you are a start-up needing a logo design or an existing company needing ways to communicate more effectively with your audience or promote your business - I can help you. I aim to provide you with a personal and unique design service, ensuring quality, innovation and understanding of your business needs. I work with a team of creative professionals and so can offer you a complete package, ensuring cohesion for you and your brand.


First of all, I listen to you, your aims and long term objectives to fully understand your business and work together with you to develop a relationship based on trust and loyalty. Secondly, I am committed to getting the right solution for your business and work hard for your brand. I will research, sketch, respond and provide graphic design solutions that work. If you can stick with me and can accept my rather loud laugh - then we can build on our relationship, as your business grows and your needs change.


I don’t make a promise I cannot keep. I am passionate about visual communication and so continue to develop as a creative. Having completed a Masters Degree in Creative Practice at Leeds College of Art I exhibited internationally twice in Poland and Italy. I have continued to work in an interdisciplinary manner with medical and scientific professionals, focussing on research, data visualisation and information graphics.
I can spot a wrongly used apostrophe 'S' a mile away and am a typographic obsessed designer. I adore the font Helvetica Neue, know its history and even have the DVD! Every day I take time to appreciate our wonderfully rich, diverse and creative culture we live in because most of it has been designed, considered and made for us... 

Identity & Branding

An effective logo design is original, memorable and visually communicates the right message for your business. So we both need to discuss, research and consider the business. I then go away; think, sketch, experiment, develop ideas and present you with a digital set of logo designs, which may be developed further. The finalised logo is applied to a range of stationery with brand guidelines to ensure consistency across your business.

Graphic Design

I design all manner of ‘things’ from leaflets, brochures, flyers, business cards, letterheads, posters, advertising to online imagery including social media advertising, e-flyers, corporate presentations and newsletters. I also design promotional items such as banners, merchandise and exhibition installations. Relationships with my clients are based on openness, honesty and communication and it always starts with a clear brief.


Signage on your vehicle is free advertising and so the most important thing too to make sure it is easy to read and can be quickly read. Shop signage - outside and inside is important to get the visuals and colours right as it sets the tone. That’s why I provide visuals and artwork for all the signage so you can really see what the design will look like before it’s done. I can also organise production - to make it easy for you.

Website Design

I am a designer and not a web developer, so I work with amazing technical guys to build your website. I can advise and visualise how your site will work using Word Press themes and train you in using the Content Management System (CMS). This enables you to have full control over your site or we can simply manage it for you - it’s your choice. A blog is an essential element within your website as it brings in fresh copy, as is social media. To have an on-line digital presence is essential and to begin engaging with your customers.


Training you to know how to make your images look great on your website and social media platforms is important. Image is everything and a poor quality image does not communicate the right message to your customers. So knowing how to retouch or crop an image in Photoshop could be important to you… I can provide a one-off targeted half day session, series of flexible workshops or a regular on-going training - please get in touch.

Social Media

There are lots of social media platforms applications out there such as; Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google Plus etc. Regardless of what type of business you have - all businesses now need social engagement and an on-line presence but certain platforms work better for certain businesses. Your on-line pages need to have a visual connection and keep your branding style uniformed so you become instantly recognisable. If you want to learn how to do this - please get in touch.