Graphic designers are creative problem solvers. In a world where images are used to immediately communicate a message, to engage, to provoke a response - it is essential you understand and engage in a professional service, to gain an understanding of how to visually connect with your audience to enable your business to grow and develop.

Identity & Branding

Your logo identity needs to communicate the right message to the right people. A professionally designed logo and how it is applied across your business, together with your company’s ethos, history and customer’s perceptions of your company is your brand identity, which sets the tone and creates a long lasting impression - so you need to get it right!

Graphic Design

I design all manner of ‘things’ from leaflets, brochures, flyers, business cards, letterheads, posters, advertising to online imagery including social media advertising, e-flyers, corporate presentations and newsletters. I also design promotional items such as banners, outside signage, merchandise and exhibition installations. Relationships with my clients are based on openness, honesty and communication and it always starts with a clear brief.

Digital Communication

Having the time to invest in social media is important - all businesses need social engagement and an on-line presence. Knowing how and when to use your social media platforms and email campaigns to engage your customers is vital in building your relationships and growing your business.


I have gained invaluable skills to be able to teach and train effectively. Knowing how to get the best out of you and what is appropriate to your business is important. So offering you tailor-made packages specific to your needs - focussing on Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign and marketing, can ensure your on-line social media pages and collateral look great!

Website Design

Your website is your online shop window, it's an opportunity to engage, sell and inform your potential customers - so it has got to be effective and work for you not against you. I am a graphic designer and work with amazing technical guys to make your web solutions are fully responsive, cost effective and raise brand awareness.

Vehicle and Shop Signage

Vehicle and Shop signage - your company logo and services cannot afford to miss the opportunity for free advertising, promoting your business, generating sales and raising brand awareness. Do not underestimate the power of this low-cost, effective advertising medium.


I aim to provide you with a personal and unique design service, ensuring quality, innovation and understanding of your business needs. I can advise on your branding, communication, marketing and produce the digital and print solutions to help your business grow and develop.


First of all, I listen to you, your aims and long-term objectives to fully understand your business and work together with you to develop a relationship based on trust and loyalty. I am committed to getting the right solution for your business and work hard for your brand.


I don’t make a promise I cannot keep. I am passionate about visual communication and so continue to develop as a creative. Every day I take time to appreciate the wonderfully rich, diverse and creative culture we live in because it has been designed, considered and made for us... 

Good design can bring many significant business benefits