I produced motion graphics short films, as a result of an interdisciplinary research project. I worked with Dr Paul Genever and Dr Amanda Barnes at York University. I was interested in how I might be able to visualise their data to produce imagery for display, postcards, flyers etc. to raise awareness of the research they are undertaking in the field of research funded by Arthritis UK.

Their work

'The Department of Biology, Dr Genever's leads a team from the Arthritis Research UK Tissue Engineering Centre in York. They will focus on understanding the basic biology behind adult stem cells and how they function. Researchers will work with stem cells taken from the bone marrow of patients who have undergone hip and knee replacement surgery. The team will attempt to recreate the niche (the specialist environment in which stem cells live in bone marrow) in the laboratory by combining stem cells with different cell types and matrix components.  It is hoped that if the niche-like matrix is transplanted into damaged cartilage and bone loaded with a specific chemical or growth factors, it will regenerate cartilage and other tissues in osteoarthritis'

My project

Using a data set of 12,000 entries, I visualised the data using Excel, Tableau and Raw Data to produce some very interesting visualisations which can be seen here in my blog post, which were turned into promotional items for various events. We were drawn to a particular "spiky" image as it resonates with my own experience suffering from arthritis; seeing the disease as a degenerative continuous process, suffering the sharp and dull pains, the experience when the drugs mask the pain, the never ending daily cycle of suffering but somehow being hopefully as well.

Motion graphics - Adobe After Effects

Taking the image through different visual and technical processes and experiments I produced various outcomes that inspired a music colleague, who produced a composition which was modern and had a strong dance beat. Inspired by this I responded using motion graphics in Adobe After Effects which resulted in a set of moving image pieces which was my installation for the Leeds College of Art Show in June 2015.

Dr Amanda Barnes later used the movies with a promotional film, sliced in between scientific information about their research. Overall the doctors were very happy with the interest the moving image films and the visuals generated ,as it promoted discussion and enquiry.

Reflecting on this work the moving image films and the outcomes were far removed form the original data and scientific research but the fact that the imagery was generated from the data made it have an importance and a place. I continue to work with medical professionals generating imagery which encourages a dialogue and provides a narrative.