Heritage Commercial Finance

By Sarah Bates

Working with Nigel from NJM Solutions is a great partnership as he can refer me with confidence knowing I will help his clients in anyway I can to promote, update and deliver effective visual communications. One such client is Heritage Commercial Finance, they had just had a new logo designed but wanted to take the branding further and this needed to start with some literature, ensuring their logo was correct, used in a consistent manner (so the same version all the time on whatever they needed) and a new website.

I cannot stress the importance of a logo, not only the message it communicates and reflects on your business but the importance of a designer to “get it right” and ensure they supply the clients a logo in all the correct formats so consistency of the brand is easy to implement. It should be produced in a vector based programme so it is scalable, supplied in various formats; .eps, .pdf, .jpg, .png and preferably in 2 sizes – normals size and small – perfect for emails.
Anyone reading this who doesn’t have their logo supplied in these formats, get back on to the designer who designed it and ask – it’s your right!

So, at Heritage Commercial Finance, Allison Robinson and Emma Bird were great to work with. I re-designed the application form and produced it as an interactive pdf form, which means the clients can apply in line and email back thte form making the provess quick and easy. Taken the branding using the great “h” symbol a little further, produced various proposals for a new brochure and have just delivered beautiful glossy new business cards to a delighted client.

Their web site and has now also been launched where I designed the visuals and Nick, my trusty steed, did his “magic” yet again to produce a site that is distinctive and really places the business in another league. We also had the help from Louise from Advanced Writing Solutions, a brilliant copywriter who is so good she can make “your’ words sound fantastic.

Heritage Commercial Finance has also just won an award for “Best Bridging Newcomer 2013” which is a fantastic achievement.