Frescrete Ltd

By Sarah Bates

Newly launched business, Chris Maltby at Frescrete who are specialists in concrete repair and resin floor systems have already had some great successes, with brilliant testimonials and lots of enquiries. I have already designed and printed their business cards, email flyers and a promotional leaflet will hopefully be finalised shortly, part of their promotional literature. Social media will hopefully also begin to play a part in their marketing strategy.

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Corporate Identity

By Sarah Bates

I was approached just before the festivities began, to design a corporate identity for a company called International Education Connect. David Blackie was able to give me a full brief and had even done some research to help me start the design process. I presented him with a full range of logos, 19 designs in total, a couple of designs were developed further and one was finally chosen.

The business cards are at print as I write which is very exciting and I have also been working on English in Britain brochure design for David too, which will be going to print next week.

David has been delighted with the designs and my service so far and I have had some lovely comments on email as I worked over the holidays to ensure we go to print early next week,

” You are a star and well beyond the call of duty. Thank you very much for putting so much into this – I can see it’s a lot of work… Thanks again Sarah – I greatly appreciate your work.”

IEC.Buscards-01 IEC.Buscards-02

Inspect Asbestos Solutions

By Sarah Bates

Matthew Fahy contacted me after hearing about my work and services from Philip from FM Project Consultants, whom I designed a corporate identity for. Matthew was also setting up a new business and understood the value of having an effective logo that communicated the right message to the right audience for his business.

They deal with asbestos and the safe removal of this product which obviously needs to be handled with the utmost safety. The logo needed to communicate strength, confidence and give a message of security and trust.

I always ask the clients what they like and to send me some visuals over, as well as doing my own research on their competitors, what the business entails and their product and services. This enables me to build up a visual picture as well as word bank to draw inspiration from. They really liked the fluidity of the Rio Olympic logo and the fact that is looked modern, used colours that were vibrant and communicated strength and a team spirit.

Once the research is done the next stage for me is still doing initial sketches and word associations (spider diagrams) which are crucial in starting the creative process.

Matt and Craig were brilliant and quick at making decisions and knew what they wanted which resulted in a corporate identity being completed within a 2 week time frame. I have now applied the logo to a range of stationery and they are currently getting their web site designed – looking forward to seeing how another designer then takes the branding forward.

It is also important when designing a logo that it is produced in a vector based programme such as Adobe Illustrator to ensure that it is resolution independent and so it is scaleable without loosing quality. If a logo is designed in Photoshop then it will only ever be resolution dependent and therefore if enlarged it will loose quality, as the image is made from a set amount of pixels of colour per inch which defines quality so the edges will not be crisp and clean.

It is also essential a designer supplies their client with workable logo formats they they can use on every possible device to enable the branding to be applied across a range of items and platforms.

Logo will be supplied in web and print format:
high res pdf file – which is normally used for print and can be placed/inserted as a pic, can be enlarged or reduced without loosing quality.
eps – as near to the original file as possible, normally larger file, retains vector format which means it is scalable, can be used for signage, print.
jpeg – supplied in a large & small size, lossy compression file, which means the files are compressed and every time opened will loose quality. Ideal for email/internet, has a white background, should not be enlarged as this will pixelate
png – supplied in a large & small size, higher quality/size than jpeg file, does not reduce quality when used/opened. Ideal for power point, email, internet, images/watermark. Has transparent background. Ideally should not be enlarged as it will pixelate.




By Sarah Bates

Through a very nice chap, Nigel from NJM Solutions Ltd, referred me to Martin English from Homelink, who wanted to update their existing logo and branding to coincide with a relocation.

I was again lucky enough to get the job and worked with Martin from the logo designs, applying this to the range of stationery and promotional advertising needed for a prominent letting and management business to designing their office signage and interior. Martin was great to work with and receptive of ideas, often juggling business, staffing & holidays, decorators, builders and a demanding designer can be at times a little stressful not to mention deadlines.

The result however was an identity that brought Homelink up to date, communicating confidence, giving the business a new fresh feel which has already increased footfall through the door – which goes to show how important your business brand is!




Deaking Joinery & Locksmith

By Sarah Bates

I was also lucky enough to get another referral and gave me the opportunity to work with Natalie and Rob who also wanted a logo designing and a web site to promote Rob’s business – Deakin Joinery & Locksmith. They wanted a logo designing that looked professional, stood out from the crowd and reflected the business without resorting to those hideous “clip art” styled logos.

Rob is undergoing training as a professional locksmith and so can sort any problems out with any locks, advise on security as well as being a fabulous joiner. He is local, is apprenticeship trained and has a wealth of experience (24 years) and can do exceptional things with wood, as well as fit kitchens, build bespoke cupboards etc and to top it all off, he now has a great van, which I designed and Ceejays from York did a brilliant job on the van.

Their web site has just been launched, compliments of Nick Clemishaw who translates my designs and makes magic, so you can find out more by clicking here




FM Project Consultants

By Sarah Bates

Philip Martin and Dianne Farrall contacted me about designing a corporate identity for their new business FM Project Consultants. I had been referred by a colleague who designed their web site, Matt Moorhouse and was delighted to take on the job.

Designing a corporate identity you have to understand the company, its placement, competitors and what the business is actually about. You need to take into account the clients’ preferences and what they want to visually communicate through their logo. I find this fascinating as you learn so much about different businesses.

They wanted the whole designed process condensed to meet an incredibly tight deadline and thankfully I was able complete within the time. They loved the logo designs and through quick decision making I was able to get the logo finalised and whole range of stationery designed within 2 weeks! Then Matt took over and applied the branding style to the web site which looked brilliant!

“Sarah helped us produce the design and copy for the logo in in our new business, FM Project Consultants.
Initially we spent time talking about us as people, then moved onto our professional status and explained about our new business and where we see ourselves in the market place. Sarah quickly understood where we are, and where we want to get to, and produced our logo and branding designs for us to review.
Sarah was always quick to respond to any amendments without fuss and bother, and were really happy with the results and would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone!”
Philip Martin, Director, FM Project Consultants