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Ever wondered why we get certain Ads in our newsfeed?

Facebook’s data collection on you – has been going on for as long as you have had an account!

Business pages and products – Pages you and your friends like… information from your Facebook and Instagram profile, places you check into, your interests, your behaviour, what kinds of images…you use, it knows who are your friends in the images, what is the background – is it in a restaurant – what restaurant – where is it… etc.
This level of detail might be a scary thought but as a business this a vital data to ensure your Facebook advertising is successful – as you can specifically target people from their job titles, behaviours, demographics and interests etc…
It is one of the most successful and powerful marketing tools online.
There are different types of data collected by Facebook which influences the ads you see and you can control an element of this – so it is worth taking a look!
‘Behaviours’ is data – Facebook collects about your activities whilst using Facebook and outside of the Facebook world (depending on your selected settings).
‘Interests’ is data – that Facebook has collected by you clicking on links, pausing to watch videos and the content of those videos, shopping, groups you have joined and the information you have entered on your profile and business page.
To find out more and MANAGE your Ad Preferences:
This brings up your Ad preferences – scroll through the tabs at the top – this is the data that is used to show you ads…
Your interests
  • business and industry
  • news and entertainment
  • hobbies and activities,
  • travel, places and events, people
  • technology
  • food and drink
  • sports and outdoors
  • fitness and wellness
  • education
  • family and relationships
  • lifestyle and culture
  • other
Advertisers and businesses
  • Who uploaded a list with your info and advertised to you
  • Whose website or app you may have used
  • Who you’ve visited
  • Whose ads you’ve clicked
  • Signing up for a newsletter, voucher or discount
  • Sign up for quizzes, games etc.
  • Who you’ve hidden
Your information
  • This is the information you provide on your profile and you can manage whether ads are shown to you, depending on the information you have given. Please note they DO NOT change the information which is visible on your profile.
Your ad settings
  • Data is collected that advertisers and other partners provide about your activity behaviour off Facebook Company Products
  • Activity behaviour collected about how you use Facebook Company Products – websites, apps, devices that use advertising services
  • Social actions – theses can be collected depending on the ad settings – Likes/Shares/Follow
Hide ad topics
  • Choose to hide certain ad topics from your newsfeed for a certain about of time

Manage your preferences and take a little bit of the control back!

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