Graphic Design

Every business needs good design!

It doesn’t matter how good the message is, it doesn’t matter how great the product is – if your design and marketing doesn’t communicate the right message to the right audience – your business won’t work!

Every business needs good design to be able to grab their customer’s attention. So more customers, enables more conversations which can convert to more sales which makes you more money – giving you the life you want!

That’s what good design does!

I offer The Design Solution – it’s brilliant because we get to work together and build a relationship based on your business’ brand, values, goals and audience! I can do the design stuff for you, train you and your staff how to design the everyday stuff yourself and be there to support you and your business as it grows over time!

Interested in how this might look for you – please get in touch

Design for Print

In today’s commercial world, print still has a place in connecting with your customers but it is more important than ever the creative solutions are practical, cost-effective and are a strategic part of your marketing.

I work closely with you to understand your marketing needs and offer graphic design solutions for brochures, flyers, postcards, newsletters, leaflets, pop-up banners, exhibition stands and branded merchandise. Print is not dead – it’s actually ‘unique’ right now! But it still needs to work hard for your business and has to have a purpose for it to be effective.

Designing for print has a lot of different variables that can affect the price – I have a checklist of the things you will need to consider so please get in touch to find out more. Please take a look below in Design Services and Costs.

Design for Social

Having the time to invest in social media is important – all businesses need social engagement and an online presence. Knowing how and when to use your social media platforms and email campaigns to engage your customers, is vital in building your relationships and growing your business.

All your social media business pages need to be branded and look amazing, be set-up correctly and optimised to ensure they work hard for your business and send the right messages out to your potential customers.

  • Set-up and optimise your business social media pages
  • Series of social branded graphics
  • MailChimp/Hubspot branded email template for newsletters
  • Training using Canva

Why struggle to do it all yourself? I offer a range of social media packages please see below for design costs.

Other Design stuff…

Your website showcases your business’s services and products and has got to stand out from the crowd! It should engage and inform your audience, be easy to navigate and find information, visually connect with the other online platforms and have a personality. It’s also got to work hard for your business – not against you! There is no fixed price because it depends on your business and what you want the website to do – so let’s have a chat!

Signage on your vehicle is free advertising and so the most important thing is to make sure it is easy to read and can be read quickly. Shop signage – interior and exterior is important to get the visuals and colours right as it sets the tone and customer experience. There are many variables to affect the cost so please take a look below and get in touch for a chat!

Design Costs for Specific Projects

Business Cards

Design 2 visuals for a double-sided business card, logo and copy supplied. 1 design revision and prepare artwork for print – £65

Design branded letterhead and supply in Word from copy and logo supplied – £35

Social Media Brand Package

Set-up your business on 2 social media platforms with branded profile and headers. Advice on optimising your profile and settings. Logo, copy and images supplied – £135

Other Branded Business ‘stuff’

There is a whole range of printed and presentational ‘stuff’ a business needs which should all be branded, look professional and match everything else. Please get in touch and we can have a chat how I can help you with your business needs.

A5 Flyer or A6 Postcard

Design and create 1 visual, allow small amends/development, sign off and prepare artwork for print. Logo, copy and images supplied. Design costs which will be finalised and agreed before design work begins – from £150

Social Media Graphics

Design and create 8 social media branded graphic images, supplied as jpeg or png files. Logo, images and copy supplied.

8 graphic images – £115 or 8 graphics per month for 3 months @ £85pm

Vehicle Livery

This is a brilliant use of free advertising space for your business to great impact, raise awareness of your company and promote your services or products. From van spec supplied, design and create 2 visuals, finalise and liaise with vehicle signage company – from £150

4-Page A5 leaflet or 6-Page DL leaflet

Design and create 1 visual, allow small amends/development, sign off and prepare artwork for print. Logo, copy and images supplied. Design costs which will be finalised and agreed before design work begins – from £180

Training in Canva with Branded Graphics

Design and produce a series of 8-10 branded graphics using client’s Canva account, includes 1 hour of design training using Canva to be able to use, amend and develop the designs yourself as and when you need them – £165

Signage and Pop-ups

If you have a physical space, interior and exterior signage is crucial for increased footfall and visual presence. If it’s a virtual space you currently work in then a backdrop banner would be ideal to remove the outer glow you have on those Zoom calls – give me a call and let’s have a chat how I can help!

Individual Design Costs


  • Business Card Design from £45.00
  • Stationery Package from £135
  • A5 Flyer or A6 Postcard from £150.00
  • 4-Page A5 Leaflet or 6-Page DL Leaflet from £180.00
  • Other literature such as brochures, newsletters, prospectuses please get in touch POA



  • Social Media Brand Design: 1 profile, 1 header and 2 branded graphics £135.00
  • Social monthly package: 8 Social Media Graphic + posts, 2 blog posts from £250.00 pm
  • MailChimp/Hubspot Email template set-up from £85
  • Blog post upload, 2 branded graphics from £65
  • Series of branded templates with training in Canva from £165.00



  • Vehicle Livery from £150.00
  • Signage: Interior and Exterior POA
  • Pop-ups Banners from £85
  • Exhibition Graphics POA
  • Billboard Advertising  from £90
  • Digital Roadside Advertising from £90


Interested in working together on your design and marketing long term – then I’d love to hear from you.

Each client’s business is unique and therefore requires different solutions – that’s why I offer The Design Solution.

I can do the design stuff for you – working on specific projects or work with you across the year on all your design and marketing needs.

I can train you to do the everyday stuff or you can learn to do the design and marketing stuff yourself by taking one of my online courses, watching the live training and getting the weekly freebie handouts.

I can provide The Design Solution whatever your needs so please get in touch to see how I can help you and your business!