Design Training

I have been a high level design trainer and educator for over 20 years, as well as graphic designer for over 30 years, and find this is a perfect combination to enable me to help both individuals and small businesses with their personal and professional development and business growth, through training.

Something that is very important for all business owners right now – is to ensure they connect with their customers and engage with new ones. To stand out from the noise and be seen!

Every business needs design training to show-up better and stand out from the competition! Your social media posts, leaflets, blog articles, email newsletters, email flyers – they all need to look professional and well designed. 

There is nothing worse than a badly designed, home-made piece of marketing that doesn’t even look like it belongs to your business. This stuff matters!

Jonny in the office might be good on Word but that doesn’t mean he should be designing your marketing material!

I understand this, I get it.  So I want to work with you and your team, to teach you what good and bad design looks like! I can teach you the essential basic graphic design skills to be able to create effective professional looking graphics.

You may want to develop your own skills to change direction, or are starting a new business and need some guidance – I can help with all of this because I can deliver The Design Solution that is perfect for your business!

Types of Design Training

  • 1. On-line Courses
  • 2. In-House Training
  • 3. Group Training Course

Online course are brilliant if you want flexibility, to learn at your own pace and to take control of your learning.

Every business needs someone who can design the everyday stuff on social and do it well, how you look is critical to how your customers perceive you!

So you either pay a designer or social media marketer to do this – or you up-skill someone in your business to learn how to do it well!

I’ve designed and created 2 courses to help you with design and marketing.

What makes these courses different is that I am a qualified designer and educator and have been doing this for many years so I know how to teach you and support you on this journey. I offer you FREE feedback on your designs in the Sarah Bates Design Facebook Group helping you to develop your design and marketing skills!

The Big Course: The Design and Marketing Essentials for small businesses – runs twice a year.

It is the only course of its kind – no other course has all the information in 1 place. It covers everything you need to know to grow your business; ideas generation, design layout, colours, fonts, how to use images to make impact, branding, marketing, target audience, designing for print, web and social.

Interested? Sign up to my newsletter and you will be the first to be able to pre-register when it goes live – next launch is Autumn 2021!

The Canva Essentials – 1hr Masterclass

Is an introduction to the design basics and how to use Canva to get you started designing. Canva is a great design programme created for non-designers!

It will save you time and money as you can produce professional looking marketing material to promote your own business once you know the basic fundamentals of how to make something look good and attract your audience!

It’s life time access and I guarantee you – this will be the best hour you will ever spend on training!

And… you can get personal feedback on your designs in Sarah Bates Design Facebook Group from me your very own design tutor – simply by using #AskSarah! How’s that for support?

Take a look at the video below or book your masterclass now – it’s what you need to start designing like a pro!

I deliver on-site design training to small businesses or live through Zoom, to an individual or small group which can be a one off session or developed as a training course, ensuring we adhere to government and your own HR guidelines.

Face-to-face training is very effective as you can absorb a lot in a short space of time, however online training can be just as effective but the delivery needs to be broken down into small learning chunks of time.

Who is it for?

This is bespoke training and unique to your business, this type of training is ideal for a specific need and can be tailored to you, your level of understanding and skill.

Having discussed your needs and designed a course to meet their specify business requirements which can cover a range of topics:

  • Social Media – Basics for your Business
  • Adobe Creative Suite: InDesign, Illustrator and Photoshop
  • Design: Graphic Design Basics
  • Online Design: Using Canva

Individual session

  • One 1-2-1  2hr session @ £175
  • 10% discount on further sessions booked as a course

Group Sessions

  • One 3hr Group session (max 5 people) @ £350
  • 10% discount on further sessions booked as a course.

This can run as a course of 2 or 3 sessions, ideally booked within 1-7 days of each session, therefore progress can be assessed, troubleshooting issues can be dealt with and confidence-building is intrinsically embedded in this type of delivery.

Currently these courses are on hold and are being developed as part of an online suite of courses as a response to the pandemic. I am sorry for any inconvenience cause and if you are interested in future course I will be launching then please sign up to my newsletter or get in touch.

Training for small businesses and individual

  • Social Media – Basics for your Business: 2-day course
  • Adobe: InDesign, Illustrator and Photoshop: 1-day course for each programme
  • Online Design Course: Half day
  • Graphic Design Basics for your business:  2-day course