I'm Sarah.
Logo designer.
Graphic designer.
Typography Nerd.

I specialise in helping small businesses grow through effective design, branding and marketing.

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I design unique and original logos...

...that are specific to your business
and communicate the right message and engage with the right audience.

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Solutions for web and print

You need to engage and attract customers through effective design, marketing and communication to grow your business.

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tailor-made training & short courses

If you need training in design or marketing, as a business, as an individual or as an online course - then we can help!

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Logos | Branding | Graphic Design | Training | +

Hi! I’m Sarah. I design things and teach people stuff…

Sarah Bates Design - Logo Design

Logos and Branding

The logo design for your business is the most important visual aspect of your business, as it creates the first impression with your customers and we all know how first impressions count – so it needs to communicate the right message! 

Branding is all about your values, your communication, your goals and how you and your business connect with your customers but more importantly it’s how you want them to feel about your business – so it has got to matter!

Graphic Design

As a graphic designer, I know and understand how important it is to maintain brand consistency. I’m an expert in visual communication and can quickly and efficiently design and produce a whole range of creative solutions from brochures, leaflets, business cards and pop-up banners to branded social media posts, email newsletters and corporate presentations – to promote and grow your business. 

Graphic Design - Print
Sarah Bates Design Training


As a small business owner, graphic designer and qualified educator I have a perfect combination of skills and expertise to help people grow, learn and develop through training.

I teach one-on-one, small business groups or to large groups online through webinars. Subjects range from design and marketing, time management, business branding, setting up your social media, Adobe Creative Suite to design training using Canva. To find out more please get in touch

Websites, Signage +

For small businesses, every penny counts – your website is your shop window, it’s where your customers will find out about you and more importantly make judgements even before they pick up the phone – so it’s got to look professional.

Signage on your van is free advertising, it promotes your business when you are at work or driving around – so don’t miss this trick! Your shop/office signage has got to instantly communicate your brand values. 

Dovecote Barns Website

Hello there!

We are in challenging times right now and I believe all small business need help – so I am on a mission!

I am currently creating an online course, ‘The Essential Design Guide for Small Businesses‘ specifically to help small businesses with their design and marketing – if want to know more then please get in touch.

Design & Marketing Essentials 

This one-of-a-kind 5-week online course specifically created for small businesses, teaches you step-by-step how to design professional marketing material to be able to promote and grow your business!

February 2021 Launch Offer is now closed. Next course runs May 2021.

Let us turn your ideas into your successes.