I'm Sarah.
Designer & Trainer
Logo designer.
The Design Solution

I specialise in helping entrepreneurs grow their business through design and training by offering The Design Solution!

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I design unique and original logos...

...that are specific to your business
and communicate the right message and engage with the right audience.

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Solutions for web and print

All business need effective design to show-up better, sell more stuff and grow your business.

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online courses & bespoke training

Learn the design and marketing skills to be able to do the 'every day' stuff better!
Join me for the free live training!

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Logos | Branding | Graphic Design | Training | +

Hi! I’m Sarah. I design things and teach people stuff…

Meet Sarah

In this Entrepreneurs Circle interview, you’ll discover who I am, the services I offer, how I work and how small businesses benefit by working with me by offering The Design Solution.  

If you’d like to have a chat about how I can add real value to your business, please get in touch!

Logos and Branding

How your business looks and how it shows-up online is crucial, as it creates the first impression with your customers and we all know how first impressions count – so it needs to communicate the right message and attract the right audience! 

Branding is about how your business connects and communicates with your customers and critically how you make them to feel about your business – so it has got to matter!

Graphic Design

In today’s world all businesses need design, to attract, engage and connect with their customers and that’s why I offer The Design Solution.

I can do it for you – work with you and train you how to do the everyday stuff yourself – or you can learn how to do it yourself with my online courses!

Graphic Design - Print
Sarah Bates Design Training

Design Training

This is not about being a graphic designer – this is about knowing more about design and marketing so you can make a difference, show-up better than before in your business! I can teach you, your team – face-to-face or online, specifically catering to your training needs.

If you want the knowledge and skills to be able to do this yourself I’ve created 2 online digital courses where you can learn more about design and marketing!

Websites, Signage +

Your website is your shop window – it’s where people will find out about your business and make instant judgements – so it’s got be clear who it is for, why should they care and how does it benefit them. We can get it right for you and your business!

Signage is free advertising – it tells people who you are!  Whether it’s your shop, office or van it needs to look good and have impact!

Dovecote Barns Website

Free stuff!

I deliver Free Live training every week in my private Facebook Group, if you want feedback on your designs or if you get stuck with Canva use the hashtag #askSarah

I’ve collated all my free training on my new learning hub – please check it out and tell other business owners because this stuff helps you to show-up better!

My Online Courses 

Design is vital to all businesses because 1st impressions count!

These courses are designed to teach small business owners the basics of design and marketing, so you can improve your marketing material, stop the overwhelm and wasting time and start designing the everyday social stuff yourself!

The Design Solution for Entrepreneurs!